Trail 10k Course and Info

The 5k is finished and turned out amazing and amazing and powerful event.  We had around 75 people register for the event and all of the runners finished safely and happily!  Many of the racers were running trails for the first time and several of them were even doing their [...]

7 Tips to Transition from the Road to the Trail

Your marathons and half marathons are getting boring, your training schedule has you burned out, and you are wondering, “Has the runner’s high gotten away from me?” But then, you are in a new neighborhood and you notice that the pavement ends and at the end of the pavement begins [...]

5k Just Days Away

We are down to 10 days before the Park City Mini Trail Series 5k. We are so excited to be putting on our first event, no matter how big or small it turns out to be. We have some great swag going into the bags, which are going to be [...]

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