Tales of a Travelling Trail Runner: Moab II

by Rhielle Widders After arriving in Moab for work near the end of March, I searched online for a relatively short mountain bike trail.   I had three main criteria when searching for the trail: not crowded, not sandy, and about 6 miles.  Insiders tip: instead of searching for places to [...]

Tales of a Travelling Trail Runner: Moab

by Rhielle Widders With recent travels outside of the Wasatch Front/Back, I am excited to bring you a new series of blog posts all about trail running while traveling.    The Travelling Trail Runner series promises to be an exciting and scenic adventure for you to follow whether you are [...]

Off the Road Again

by Rhielle Widders I am a runner.  That girl in the picture to the right has the long, skinny legs of a runner and the mentality of an endurance athlete.  I have used that word for over a decade to describe myself to people, and it usually comes out about 8.2 seconds [...]

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