Can't Freeze The Stoke: Kahtoola

Last week at the Winter Market Outdoor Retailer Show I was fortunate enough to meet the awesome folks at Kahtoola. I told them about R-U-N? Events and our mission; I learned a lot about theirs as well. They have some pretty cool products on the market specifically for runners and [...]

4 Tips to Beat Boredom on the Dreadmill

It’s cold and our air quality…..well, it sucks. Turning to the treadmill seems like a fate worse than death for most (me) but not running is even worse than that. So I am going to share with you my not-so-secret secrets of beating boredom while running on the ol’ hamster [...]

3 Tips to Make Winter Running Bearable

When I asked my best girlfriend what her #1 tip for Winter running is, I was told promptly and with a straight face, “Don’t do it.” Trail treadmills don’t exist (actually I have used one before and it was really cool, so maybe they just don’t exist at the gym [...]

Cross Training Part II: Swimming and Crossfit

As runners we tend to neglect our upper body muscle groups, especially when training for a higher mileage race. We are doing cardio and our legs feels strong, but this isn’t enough. A strong core and upper body are very important to our overall physical health and can help prevent [...]

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