5 Foods You Need to Eat

I finally got around to watching the documentary “Forks Over Knives.” First, it was very interesting. Second, very eye opening. In nine days I will achieve my one-year anniversary of being cancer free. Along with being grateful and thankful that I am healthy again, I know that it is my [...]

10% For Mountain Trails Foundation

Have you ever run a trail and wondered about how it got there? Who constructed it? Who maintains it? If you’re like me, a lot of the time you take “your” trail for granted and just kind of expect it to be there, go run on it, and not put [...]

Volunteering Pays off Big with R-U-N? Events

Guest Post by Becky Stoker “FREE race entry?  Sign me up”!  That’s what I said last year when I first came across the RUN website and saw their volunteer = free race entry option.  I’ve been an avid runner for several years (both on the road and the trails), but [...]

3 Things to Keep In Mind During Spring

Spring is Utah is a sly devil. It teases you with a several days of warm temps. Just warm enough to bust out your tank top, short shorts, and you get to ditch the beanie for a ball cap or visor. Then BAM, it snows again on the second day of [...]

March 14, 2013
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Are You In (Vitro)? The story of how the Park City Trail Series was born

Many people ask me how the Park City Trail Series came to be.  Actually, every time I tell someone about the events for the first time the first question is inevitably, “How did you get into that?”  I am the kind of person who doesn’t ever participate in anything unless [...]

The Story of My Addiction

I can remember back to that fateful day, the day when I got my first taste of the drug that would shape the rest of my life so dramatically.  I remember the feeling it gave me, that rush of blood to the head, the excitement, the exhilaration.  The next thing [...]

Can't Freeze The Stoke: Kahtoola

Last week at the Winter Market Outdoor Retailer Show I was fortunate enough to meet the awesome folks at Kahtoola. I told them about R-U-N? Events and our mission; I learned a lot about theirs as well. They have some pretty cool products on the market specifically for runners and [...]

4 Tips to Beat Boredom on the Dreadmill

It’s cold and our air quality…..well, it sucks. Turning to the treadmill seems like a fate worse than death for most (me) but not running is even worse than that. So I am going to share with you my not-so-secret secrets of beating boredom while running on the ol’ hamster [...]

3 Tips to Make Winter Running Bearable

When I asked my best girlfriend what her #1 tip for Winter running is, I was told promptly and with a straight face, “Don’t do it.” Trail treadmills don’t exist (actually I have used one before and it was really cool, so maybe they just don’t exist at the gym [...]

Cross Training Part II: Swimming and Crossfit

As runners we tend to neglect our upper body muscle groups, especially when training for a higher mileage race. We are doing cardio and our legs feels strong, but this isn’t enough. A strong core and upper body are very important to our overall physical health and can help prevent [...]

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