Dancing with Mother Nature

by Rhielle Widders This spring, as you all know, has been exceptionally wet and cold.  So much so, in fact, that the snowbirds that flock to warmer climates during the winter have wondered why they already migrated back North, the skiers are rejoicing in fresh powder every weekend, and the [...]

My Life as a Trail Runner: Part 2

Read Part 1 Here When I hit the scramble of the Kennebec Mountain Challenge, I was completely unprepared. I can honestly say that I have never had to embark up such a hill—before or since. They weren’t joking when they said “scramble” because that’s exactly what it was, a completely [...]

My Life as a Trail Runner: Part 1

by Melissa Stratton The first time I heard significant talk about trail running, I thought “these people are NUTS!” Seriously! I may run marathons, but at least I keep all my training and running to the smooth (ok, mostly smooth) surface of the roads. After some coaxing I finally agreed [...]

I Wear Many Hats

A start-up business, generating virtually no revenue, still has basic needs.  The need to have customers, the need to generate revenue, the need for profit, and the need to get the word out are just a few examples.  As the owner of a start-up business, which is generating virtually no [...]

Race-Morning Conversation, "Tweet"

Race Morning Conversation By Rhielle Widders I ran a half marathon this morning.  One of my closest friends, Mel (she has a great blog), ran the race with me so she stayed at my house the night before and we did all of our pre-race stuff together.  You may find [...]

Who is Your Sponsor?

R-U-N? Events has been very busy tracking down sponsorships for the upcoming PC MTS series. Support is still being finalized so we can’t say anything about who…but I can say we will be getting some sweet swag

Join our Facebook Page

R-U-N? Events has a facebook page and you can be one of our original fans!  Being a member of our facebook page will help you stay updated on events, promotions, and will ensure you are able to give us your opinion when it comes to prizes, sponsors, and many other [...]

Registration Now Open!

The registration for the Park City Mini-Trail Series is now open! Are you tired of hitting the pavement with the same scenery, same impact, and same monotony every day? Maybe you enjoy nature and want to incorporate it into your runs? Good news! The registration for the Park City Mini-Trail [...]

Upcoming Stuff

As you may have noticed, is going through a lot of changes as we get our site up and running.  We are very excited to announce that there are four new running events in the Park City area undergoing the planning process right now.  Stay tuned for the upcoming [...]

Hello Runners!

We are currently working on organizing many events for the upcoming 2010 season.  Check back soon to see what we have to offer.  Or better yet, subscribe to our website using the subscribe button to the right and we will update you as new things come to fruition. Thanks for [...]

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